7/9/17 - Independence 100K

UPDATE - 20170630:  Route has been updated, start/finish at new Fred Meyer location, and reversed the loop order so that the climb to Hatcher Pass is first on the agenda.

DESCRIPTION: In honor of Independence Day (and with a nod to the ongoing Tour de France), we present to you the biggest climb of the year: all the way up Palmer's Hatcher Pass road to the Independence mine.

Are you ready?

You've been warned -- this is a big climb, and a huge descent!

Please note -- after the start, you are on your own!

DATE/TIME: 7/9/17 @ 7:00AM AST (Check-In 6:20AM - 6:50AM)

REGISTRATION - ALL RIDERS: Sign up before midnight Thursday, 7/6/17

START/FINISH LOCATION: Fred Meyer, 650 Cobb St, Palmer, AK

(NOTE:  Actual elevation gain is typically 40% of RideWithGPS estimate.)