5/25/19 to 5/30/19 - Brevet Week 400K / 200K / 300K / 600K

UPDATE - 20190521:  400K route has been updated and finalized, one small change in Seward.  20150515:  Drop bag service for 600K riders is confirmed, drop bags to be transported from Start to the Talkeetna overnight control.

DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Brevet Week!  Here's your chance to knock out a complete Super Randonneur Series in one calendar week.  We'll start with the Anchorage/Seward/Anchorage 400K on Saturday, day off Sunday, Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 200K on Monday, Anchorage/Turnagain/ER/Anchorage 300K on Tuesday, day off Wednesday, and Anchorage/Talkeetna/Anchorage 600K on Thursday.  You are welcome to ride any one of these rides or, for the true road warrior, take on all four! Riders who complete a series this week will get a "special" prize!

(We have done our best to minimize overlap among the four routes.)

Brevet Week rides are 100% un-supported.  600K riders: drop bag service will be provided from Start to the Talkeetna overnight control.  As always, we will sweep the course for finishers on all routes.

Please note - after the start, you are on your own!


     400K - 5/25/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

     200K - 5/27/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

     300K - 5/28/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

     600K - 5/30/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

ENTRY FEE: $20 for non-members per ride, Denali Randonneurs members ride for free.

REGISTRATION - ALL RIDERS: Sign up before midnight Wednesday, 5/22/19.

START LOCATION: Carr's, 1501 Huffman Rd, Anchorage, AK

400K Elevation gain: 9300 feet (barometer)

RideWithGPS 400K

400K Cuesheet

200K Elevation gain: 5100 feet (barometer)

RideWithGPS 200K

200K Cuesheet

300K Elevation gain: 7400 feet (barometer)

RideWithGPS 300K

300K Cuesheet

600K Elevation gain: 10,800 feet (barometer)

RideWithGPS 600K

600K Cuesheet