5/25/19 to 5/30/19 - Brevet Week 400K / 200K / 300K / 600K

DESCRIPTION: Welcome to Brevet Week!  Here's your chance to knock out a complete Super Randonneur Series in one calendar week.  We'll start with the Anchorage/Seward/Anchorage 400K on Saturday, day off Sunday, Anchorage/Palmer/Anchorage 200K on Monday, Anchorage/Turnagain/ER/Anchorage 300K on Tuesday, day off Wednesday, and Anchorage/Talkeetna/Anchorage 600K on Thursday.  You are welcome to ride any one of these rides or, for the true road warrior, take on all four! Riders who complete a series this week will get a "special" prize!

(We have done our best to minimize overlap among the four routes.)

Brevet Week rides are 100% un-supported.  We anticipate but yet to confirm drop bag service at the Talkeetna overnight for 600K riders, be prepared for the possibility that there will be no drop bag service!  Be advised that we will sweep the course for finishers on all routes.

Please note - after the start, you are on your own!


     400K - 5/25/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

     200K - 5/27/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

     300K - 5/28/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

     600K - 5/30/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

ENTRY FEE: $20 for non-members per ride, Denali Randonneurs members ride for free.

REGISTRATION - ALL RIDERS: Sign up before midnight Wednesday, 5/22/19.

START LOCATION: Carr's, 1501 Huffman Rd, Anchorage, AK

400K Elevation gain: 9300 feet (barometer)

RideWithGPS 400K

400K Cuesheet

200K Elevation gain: 5100 feet (barometer)

RideWithGPS 200K

200K Cuesheet

300K Elevation gain: 7400 feet (barometer)

RideWithGPS 300K

300K Cuesheet

600K Elevation gain: 10,800 feet (barometer)

RideWithGPS 600K

600K Cuesheet

Registered Riders