Rules for Riders - 2019

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Denali Randonneurs Rules of Engagement

1.  While participating in any Denali Randonneurs event you are an ambassador for cycling in Alaska.  PLEASE conduct yourself in a way that would make an unexpected appearance on social media proud!

2.  Know the rules of the road and follow them.  Courtesy and discretion are paramount.

3.  Randonneuring is, by definition, un-supported endurance cycling.  After the ride begins, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!  The only exception to this rule is our Solstice 600K, which will have a sweep vehicle and (minimal) on-course support.  In every other circumstance your randonneuring self-reliance is expected to carry the day.  You got this!

4.  For the Denali Highway and Denali Park Road brevets there is a MANDATORY safety meeting on the Thursday evening before the ride.  These two locations are very remote and riders will be screened to ensure they are bear-aware and familiar with riding in outback Alaska.

5.  Enjoy the ride!

* FAILURE to comply with RUSA Rules for Riders (bicycle lighting and reflective gear will be inspected for night rides) OR State of Alaska traffic laws as they pertain to cycling ARE grounds for disqualification. *