6/22/19 - Solstice 600K

(NOTE:  If you plan to stay at Gakona Lodge you should make arrangements as far in advance as possible.  They fill up very quickly and you don't want to miss out!  If they do fill up, you can always stay in Glenallen and drive up the morning of the ride.)

DESCRIPTION: One of the most beautiful riding experiences in North America, our Solstice ride is an epic tour of Alaska's Interior via the Gakona - Delta Junction - Tok - Gakona triangle. This 600K has but three turns (plus one itty bitty out-and-back), one of the most spectacular sunsets you'll ever see, and majestic mountain views throughout the ride.

PLEASE review the map link -- this is a remote ride, you will be expected to manage 50K to 100K between service stops. The overnight control is located in Tok (Young's Motel, adjacent to Fast Eddie's Restaurant), we WILL NOT be providing rooms.  PLEASE make arrangements in advance. Drop bag service WILL be available. We will have a room in Tok you can use for a shower and to change, and that's it. It's about 70K to Mentasta Lodge from Tok, but if you get there before noon they won't be open and you'll have to ride on another 80K to Chistochina. Water will be available at all controls. As Kevin would say: drop bag service is available for the low, low price of ... free.

(Drop bags available at the Tok overnight control.)

If you ride through be forewarned that temperatures between Tok and Gakona (between 11PM and 5AM) can sometimes dip into the upper 30s in low-lying areas. This makes for a very chilly roadside nap! If you need to catch a few zzz's and don't want to get a room, consider doing so in Tok.

We will have a sweep vehicle and (minimal) on-course support for this ride as permitted at designated controls.

There are long stretches without cell coverage.

Please note - after the start, you are on your own!

DATE/TIME: 6/22/19 @ 6:00AM AST (Check-In 5:35AM - 5:50AM)

ENTRY FEE: $20 for non-members, Denali Randonneurs members ride for free.

REGISTRATION - ALL RIDERS: Sign up before midnight Wednesday, 6/19/19.

START/FINISH LOCATION: Gakona Lodge, Mile 2 Tok Cutoff, Gakona, AK

600K Elevation gain: 11,500 feet (barometer)

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