Welcome - 2019

Registration for Denali Randonneurs 2019 season is now open.

As has been the case the last couple years, there will be no same-day registration for 2019.  If this doesn't work for youemail us and we'll see what we can do.

You have two ride options:

Option One  –  Denali Randonneurs Membership  –  For a one-time $25 membership fee you are covered for every ride on our calendar.  RUSA membership is not required.  Note that ride results will be posted and available for RUSA members only.  Riders are encouraged to join/renew their RUSA membership, for $25 you get RUSA's quarterly publication, contribute to RUSA's cycling and randonneuring advocacy, and get to participate in the big tent of RUSA events all around the USA.

*Note that Denali Randonneurs members are still required to pre-register for rides.*

Option Two  –  Ala Carte Ride Fees  –  This option is available for non-members, single ride fee is $20.

If you have ridden with us in the past, we invite you out again –  if you haven't, and you want to experience the thrill of randonneuring, let's do this!

Come ride with us!

Questions?  Email