Welcome - 2017

Registration for Denali Randonneurs’ 2017 season is now open.

Last year saw the elimination of same-day registration, which continues to be the case for 2017.  If this doesn't work for youemail us and we'll see what we can do.

You have two ride options:

Option One  –  Denali Randonneurs Membership  –  This option, open to current Randonneurs USA (RUSA) members only, charges a one-time $25 membership fee and covers every ride on our calendar.  RUSA membership also goes for $25, so for just $50 you would be covered for a full season of riding.  There are any number of reasons to join RUSA  –  cycling advocacy, randonneuring camaraderie, qualify for PBP and other epic rides  –  we sincerely hope you consider it.

*Note that Denali Randonneurs members are still required to pre-register for rides.*

Option Two  –  Ala Carte Ride Fees  –  This option is available for non-RUSA members, and for any RUSA members who don't want to join Denali Randonneurs.  The cost to ride will be the same as years past:  100K - $10, 200K - $20, 300K - $30, 400K - $40, and 600K - $60.

If you have ridden with us in the past, we invite you out again –  if you haven't, and you want to experience the thrill of randonneuring, let's do this!

Come ride with us!

Questions?  Email